Separate your tenant communication from your personal chats

Hello Jirani gives you a way to keep your conversations and interactions with tenants separate from your personal conversations making them accessible to your whole team.

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Communicate with your tenants

All tenant communication centralized in one place accessible to your entire team all at once.

Property group chat

Send mass messages to your tenants all at once keeping them informed about activities happening in the property.


Tenant chat

Communicate with tenants individually allowing you to collect vital and share vital information with them.


Collect, store and manage your tenant data

With Hello Jirani you can collect, store and manage your tenants personal information, emergency contact information and verification information. This helps you manage emergencies and protect your property.

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Real world tasks, Real world applications

From invoicing to leasing Hello Jirani gives you freedom to do all the rental processes you need all in one place.

Manage tenant invoicing and payments

Send text invoices and communicate with tenants to schedule and manage payments.

Manage rental lease documents

Send tenants digital lease documents that can be signed and stored in one place.

Handle tenant complaints and feedback

Create an open space where tenants can reach out to you to air their concerns freely and give feedback.


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